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Amazon Tablet Release Date 2011?

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Updated 22nd June 2011 – Great News – Amazon Tablet Release Date August 2011 – well we think so anyway.

7" Amazon TabletMore Amazon tablet news arrived 15th July which might mean we see only one new tablet this year, but another in 2012.  On the plus side it seems that a new Kindle with touch-screen, along with an updated version of their current reader are both in the pipe-line too…

Based on Digitimes latest report it seems that and August release of Amazon’s tablets looks more likely than ever.  And its all change on the specification too.  No more Tigra, but instead Texas Instruments provide the processors, with Taiwan-based Wintek to supply touch panels, ILI Technology to supply LCD driver ICs.

Whether these new rumors will be proved right of course, remains to be seen – but if you want to be first to know when Amazon themselves confirm the release date of their new tablets just complete the form at the side.  We’ll be in touch as soon as firm news is in!

Back to the original post…

It looks like more fuel to the Amazon Tablet rumours this month.  Taiwanese tech news site Digitimes released news on 3rd May, that indicates sources within the supply chain are saying Amazon have already placed an order for a new tablet device.

The manufacturer of the future tablet is said to be Quanta Computers who currently already the tablet OEM partner to Sony.  Of course both Quanta and Amazon have nothing to say on the matter so far.

But up-stream components manufacturers are suggesting quantities of up to 700,000 or 800,000 Kindle tablets might be shipped each month during peak production.

Of course no details have emerged, though it is expected that E-ink Holdings will provide the touch-screen panels and possibly more.  Samsung are still thought to be in frame, perhaps as co-designers of the new tablet itself.

And when is this all likely to happen?  Well the rumours persist that a tablet release date in the 2nd half of 2011 is expected.


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