Two New Amazon Tablets for 2011?

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The rumours simply won’t stop at the moment will they.  We have already been rather over-excited about the prospect on a tablet Kindle from Amazon, and now it seems that actually we might really see 2 Amazon tablet devices instead!

Code-named Coyote and Hollywood it will be interesting to see what these two new tablets actually offer consumers.

While tech insiders are unsure if we need more tablet computers (75 new versions were shown at this years CES alone, and who has heard of more than 2 or 3?), many do agree that only Amazon has the power and infrastructure to actually deliver a tablet that would appeal to the Apple avoiding masses.

But 2 Amazon tablets?  Why you might well ask…

Hollywood Amazon Tablet

Amazon 10" TabletWell think about it logically, Amazon have recently entered both the cloud computing, and the media download markets.  So perhaps a large tablet could become your must have media player for films?  If so the Hollywood tablet code-name might be rather apt; this might just be the Kindle for Movies.   Particularly when you consider, that if the rumours are correct the Hollywood tablet will be sporting Nvidia’s Kal-El quad core chipset, which in theory increases the performance by 500%.

If speculation is correct, this large format device, which much better resolution than the current iPad 2 would make for a great Blu-Ray viewer wouldn’t it.  And, focussing on one aspect of its use, could be a simple way for Amazon to educate customers as to why they might actually want to buy a tablet.  So far tablet uptake has been relatively slow (massive Apple iPad sales excluded of course).  Price, and the fact that we already have a lot of gadgets in our homes that can do much of the same stuff a tablet can is likely to put off all but the early adopters.  If Amazon sell us a media viewing computer, that also happens to be great for surfing, gaming, and chatting we might change our minds.

It now looks likely that the movie tablet from Amazon will feature free video streaming (for a limited time at the very least), similar to that offered to Amazon Prime customers already.

Coyote Amazon Tablet

7" Amazon TabletAnd, as for the Coyote Tablet?  Well, we think this will be an entry level Nvidia Tegra 2 powered tablet   Of course, for now it looks like LCD will be the chosen display, but by 2012 it seems that displays using both back-lighting and e-ink could be a workable reality, so perhaps then the Coyote will become the real color Kindle so many of us are waiting for.

Amazon Tablet Release Date

If the BGR sources are right, the Amazon tablet’s release date is likely to be in the fall of 2011 as that is when the quad core chip-set will be ready.

And, since Jeff Bezos responded to an enquiry about Amazon’s likelihood of creating a tablet last week, with the words “stay tuned” it seems things are likely to be announced pretty soon.

Update 15th July 2011 – It now looks like we might even see only one of the new amazon tablets this year, whilst the larger model could well be ready only in 2012!  But further speculation suggests that 2011 will bring the release of the long awaited Kindle Touch which would be kind of groovy!   Read more Amazon Tablet News.



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